Adult Historical Fiction

Before Night Falls Historical Fiction Novel by MaryAnn Minatra

Legacy of Honor: Book One

Jewel in the Evening Sky

Max Farber is one of the wealthiest men in pre-WWII Germany. He has everything he could possibly want, except a purpose for his life. Emilie Morgan is a German-American who despises everything Nazi, including her uncle Josef’s wealthy Farber friend. As time passes and Germany rises in power but crumbles in honor, a Scarlet Pimpernel for the Jews suddenly arises and Emilie begins to realize that there is more to her surroundings than meets the eye. Could it be that not all Nazis agree with Hitler’s plans to destroy the Jews?


Jewel in The Evening Sky Historical Fiction Novel by MaryAnn MinatraLegacy of Honor: Book Two

Before Night Falls

As three couples fight to stay alive in the turbulent tide of Nazi control, their struggle takes you to the depths of God’s provision and grace. With quiet determination and courageous hearts, they risk everything to stand for their faith.


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