Coffee at No. 10: Chapter Fifty-Eight: Doxology and Benediction

Eighteen months later . . .      The disco strains floated through the open window of the community center. A little Bee Gees for the Tuesday afternoon gathering of the faithful. Senior Zumba class every Tues/Thurs, bring your own mat and water bottle. Fourteen toned, and not so toned, over 50, coed, gaily clad in various outfits from Spandex to sweats to Teddy Bear t-shirts. They moved as one unit, hardly perspiring, but all having a smiling wonderful time. Much laughter. Even if no muscles were toned, or calories lost, the camaraderie was very real and very cherished. Those who Zumba together, stay together . . .

A Letter to Readers

This coming Friday will be the final installment of Coffee@No.10. When I began this project over a year ago, it was as a writing prompt to help me write consistently again. I always had in mind to run it for about 50-60 installments, or roughly a year in the life of Marjorie Dashwood. Hard to believe that a year has already passed. This has been one of the most personally enjoyable projects that I've ever done, getting to use funny, quirky true stories (names changed to protect the innocent!), and things that have been close and important to me. In that respect, it's a little sad for me . . .

Coffee at No. 10: Chapter Fifty-Seven: A Change of Diet

   “You have fed them with the bread of tears.”        The sentence floated up, seeping through layers of years of life, through diaphanous slumber, words she had not heard or remembered for decades, words that her Grandmother had spoken, with a shaking of her head in sympathy, of someone who was suffering, someone who was going through an especially difficult time. Her grandmother would move around her kitchen the size of a ship’s galley, giving her a spoon to lick, a bowl to stir, a spiral of fruit skin to eat, and say, “Ah, darlin’ girl . . . we must pray. They’re eatin’ their bread of tears right now.” 

Coffee at No. 10: Chapter Fifty-Six: Happy Birthday No.10!

Happy Birthday No.10! It was hard to believe the newest business on Downing Street, the coffee bar at No. 10, was already a year old. And now, the veteran employees of the establishment, Poppy and Stella, were given charge to plan the celebration. They were both, immediately, pleased with the duty and distinction. Marjorie could … Continue reading Coffee at No. 10: Chapter Fifty-Six: Happy Birthday No.10!

Coffee at No. 10: Chapter Fifty-Five: Elinor and Marianne

   “The more I know of the world, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love. I require so much!”         Anne Dashwood impatiently clicked the remote, silencing the television with finality. She sat still, grateful her mother was not home, would not see her sudden scowl, her own face a screen of emotions. She stood, stretching, and walked to the kitchen. She dumped the half glass of mango juice, absently watching the swirls down the drain. She had settled into the recliner to enjoy an old Jane Austen favorite, but found, it had not been all the sentimental pleasure she had hoped for. Half her mind had watched, half her mind had flitted between memories of two men . . .

Coffee at No. 10: Chapter Fifty-Four: A Birthday Trip to . . . the Nether Regions

 Jane Austen had posed a “reality” immortalized in her most famous work, Pride and Prejudice.      “It is universally accepted that a single man with a good fortune is in want of a wife.” And while Marjorie Dashwood's reality was personal to her, and never to be that famous, she suspected it was, in fact, widely agreed with.       “It is universally accepted that every human hates going to the DMV.”