Adult Historical Fiction

The Tapestry Historical Fiction by MaryAnn Minatra

The Alcott Legacy: Book One

The Tapestry 

From Tennessee battlefields to the White House itself, this sweeping Civil War epic traces the lives of two brothers–linked by only a broken locket, the people who loved them, and the triumph of faithful prayer.

“I was literally unable to put The Tapestry down. My husband, Steve, and  were backstage preparing for a concert, and I was feverishly trying to finish the book before the concert started. I simply couldn’t wait to see how it all ended!”–Annie Chapman author and recording artist

Christian Bestseller List 1998


The Masterpiece Historical Fiction Novel by MaryAnn MinatraThe Alcott Legacy: Book Two

The Masterpiece

The Alcott heritage of faith and courage continues on in the lives of a new generation–Andy and his sister, Meg. But now Andy Alcott’s love threatens to destroy that legacy forever.

Andy, a handsome Northern Sailor, is in a turmoil worse than any storm he has ever faced at sea. On a visit to an elegant Southern mansion, he finds himself captivated by–and falling in love with–a married woman his own age.

Meanwhile, a broken romance and a youthful yearning to travel prompt Meg to visit the South with her brother Andy. Soon she to is faced with a life-changing decision that forces her to examine her heart . . .

Andy, Meg, a lonely doctor, a young widow, and an aging artist fill the colorful canvas of The Masterpiece.


The Heirloom Historical Fiction Novel by MaryAnn MinatraThe Alcott Legacy: Book Three

The Heirloom

Ben Alcott’s thirst for adventure propels him to the skies above the Western front. But brash confidence turns to a struggle for survival when he s downed behind enemy lines–and left to wonder about a budding romance in France.

Kate’s determination to break away from the Alcott legacy of faith prompts her to set sail for Europe as a war journalist. But the surprise attack on the Lusitania leaves her uncertain whether her stubborn spirit can overcome the trials ahead.

Far from America, Ben and Kate come face-to-face with the very things they left home to escape. Only this time, their choices will unknowingly become the treasure of future generations . . .


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