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What should you do when life becomes dull and uninspiring?  . . . Start a coffee shop! Marjorie Dashwood opens a coffee venue in her town called No. 10 on Downing Street.-a tribute to her love of coffee and all things British. She knows nothing about running a business. She can hardly do basic math. But she does know coffee! Coffee is a beloved, universal fraternity. Join Marjorie, her young employees, her eccentric friends, and her lovable strangers for coffee at No. 10. Every Friday! . . . continue.

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Author MaryAnn Minatra is an avid historian who blends extensive research, and her love of words, into well-crafted period dramas. Her characters struggle with humanity’s questions of ethics, faith, and purpose during some of America’s most tumultuous times. Minatra has published five novels.

Upcoming Books by MaryAnn Minatra

MaryAnn Minatra is preparing to publish a series of children’s books.

Tea with Mr. Churchill blends vivid imagery, subtle humor, and historical veracity into a story that reads with the brightness and depth of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Her books will appeal to children and adults as they bring warm perspective to the legendary man whose character was often hidden by his public image as “The British Bulldog”.

Tea with Mr. Churchill Children's Book by MaryAnn Minatra

EXCERPT: “I don’t like my new home,” she frowned. Then her face brightened. “But I like this place very much!”He was rocking on his toes, hands behind his back, smiling.“My home is called Chartwell, Miss Wallis. It’s my own little country basket. I always say a day away from Chartwell is a day wasted. I’m very glad you like it.” She had never met anyone like this big man . . . read more